Winner of the Emerge Media “Written Word” award for 2015 and 2017, and twice nominated in 2016

A cri de coeur from an over-stressed student

Journalism student Jeric Salvador produced this audio slideshow for his second-year reporting class, and it should be required viewing for all students, faculty and administrators, and especially politicians whose best ideas for funding education are constantly rising tuition fees and longer student-loan repayment terms. The impossible demands of juggling full-time work and full-time studies, and meeting family expectations were dragging Salvador down, physically, emotionally and academically. And, as the end of term drew near, he was faced with the ugly decision of choosing between the courses he felt he could pass, and the ones he’d have to give up, because he simply didn’t have the time to meet all his responsibilities. Showing uncommon ingenuity – as well as powerful storytelling skills and endearing honesty – he mined his situation for a final course project, and produced a commentary that is, we think, as important as it is moving.



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