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Volume V

No. 3  October 28, 2022


Gatekeeping in the Influencer Industry

“… a lot of it is very glamorized. It’s like, look at my beautifully curated life, look at these vacations that I’m going on…”




2022 Halloween: Dark at Fort Edmonton Park Review

If there’s one thing that Dark excels at, it’s making you feel very disconnected from the outside world.




Rainbow Visions Film Fest returns for its seventh year, and builds on decades of history

There may not have been a dedicated LGBTQ film festival in 2015 when Rainbow Visions started, but there were queer film festivals in the city in the 90s



All About Mothers

“It was very important for me to finish my education, not only for myself but as an example to my children….”




A Conversation About Men’s Mental Health

Men are more at risk than women of becoming dependent on substances, which can worsen depressive symptoms and increase the risk of suicide.



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