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Revitalization or gentrification?
By Anna McMillan

Critics of Edmonton’s new Ice District accuse the city of forcing out the sick, the homeless and the impoverished for the benefit of the rich, but others say the developers and the hockey team aren’t to blame for a problem people need to stop ignoring. 

Abuse & consent in Edmonton
By Clint Hoekstra

It hasn’t just been Hollywood, Nashville and New York that have been shaken by allegations of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. The issue is unfortunately alive in Edmonton, too.

Learning to Twitch
By Chris Penwell

The sports bar concept has finally reached the gaming world and, in Edmonton, High Score, which takes over a local pub on Saturday nights, is a dry run for what may evolve into a permanent downtown venue for the community.

The ABCs of GMOs
By Caleb Fox

GMOS or Frankenfoods. Whatever you call them, biologically engineered foods are something about which the public has grown leery, despite a growing amount of evidence of their safety. 

Black & white, and glimmers of light
Anyone who believes there are no such things
as racism and racial tension in our city may be engaging
in wishful thinking. However, as these two stories show,
there are people who are out to make sure that
bigotry does not go unchallenged.
Chasing the kind rhythm
By Kevin Pennyfeather

As Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate, Nasra Adem is standing at the intersection of race and gender and looking down a dark road to a brighter future. Taking on the myth of Canadian diversity, she says, is in some ways tougher than fighting blatant racism.

Big man, soft approach
By Sam Oleschuk

When Jesse Lipscomb and a camera crew found themselves confronting a foul-mouthed bigot on the streets of Edmonton, the seeds of a movement were planted and Make It Awkward was born. 

Stress & trauma, and  treatment
Three stories about post-traumatic stress demonstrate
that it exists in many places – among recent veterans,
Second World War heroes who hid it for decades, 
and people
fighting social inequality – and  that a long-illegal drug
may be an effective treatment.
A battlefield of the mind
By Ashley Demers

Though we didn’t start hearing about PTSD among veterans until after the Gulf War, there are Canadians who have suffered flashbacks, depression and anxiety since the Nazi surrender in 1945.

The long road to wellness
By Zack Dean

Social work takes a heavy toll on the people who do it, and, when an ugly series of events landed Jacqueline Moore on stress leave, her whole family suffering along with her – as she fought her way back to normal.

The cannabis solution
By Brendan Maisonneuve

Veterans often self-medicate with alcohol, which helps them sleep and calms them down, but makes them dysfunctional and, afterwards, hung over. One veteran’s group is finding that pot offers the assistance without the side-effects.

Love without boundaries
By Tim Rauf

Polyamory Edmonton is trying to transform the public perception of multi-partner arrangements as being a threat to the traditional relationship, but attitudes are proving difficult to change.

War games in Edmonton
By Leevi Gogerla

An evening at an Indie wrestling event – in which rival promoters are fielding cage-match teams to fight for local dominance – shows that the madness, violence and passion of the sport are not confined to the b

A glass half cracked
By Josh DeRose

Seeing what working in a bar was doing to his co-workers scared the author so much that he quit drinking a couple of years ago, but for many around him, the life – which one friend describes as “a black hole” – goes on as always.

The cure & the controversy
By Victoria Dean

Their proponents claim essential oils – extracted from various plants – can be used to treat everything from depression to cancer, and science dismisses them as quackery. 

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