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Vol. 1, No. 5                                                                    The magazine of the fourth-year feature writing class                                                                 December 2018 

Living on the bipolar seesaw

Gabriel Gauthier writes about her struggle with the unpredictable and self-destructive effects of being bipolar – how she evolved from an ordinary, happy kid into living on an emotional battlefield.

Putting a deadline on misogyny

Sarah Spisak explores the progress that women have made in the news business, and finds that the world of journalism can be a mean one for a woman – especially if she wants to cover the sports beat. 

Growing up in chaos

Jenelle Jensen talks to two women who grew up with parents who suffered from severe mental illness; they say they shared their story in hopes of helping other people who are living with the same pain.

Fighting for life

Zoe Cronin takes us inside the world of Jeremy Cummins, a man who climbed down from the High Level Bridge one night and changed his life – and put himself  on a mission to bring hope to others.

Shining a light on the night people

Jake Pesaruk penetrates the secretive world of bar and restaurant employees, many of whom carry mental scars of the pressures and strains of their work, in an industry that rewards toughness and machismo. 

Taking back the night … and the day

Ishita Verma looks at the measures that are being taken on campus to protect women from sexual predators, and finds that – even in in the #Metoo age – the problem is a long way from being solved.

Dealing with life after prison

Sarah Spisak talks to Adam, a young Edmonton man whose life was turned upside down one day when he was shopping at Costco, and police, who had been following him for months, arrested him for drug dealing.

A sick opinion on mental health


Dear Abby: Join the human race


Will #Metoo catch up to Clinton?

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