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Moveable dirt
By Stephan Boissonneault

A few kilometres past Edmonton’s city limits lives a stateless man. Meet Rob Pagé, a totally sovereign citizen, who has renounced all connections to government and most contact with commerce, and lives in a tire-walled house.

Life on the outside
By Zach Howe

Being in prison is dark, hopeless and traumatic. The days tick by like years. However, some men who have been there say getting out into the real world can be almost as hard as being inside. 

Hubbard’s journey
By Zach Mueller

Imagine being an Edmonton high school football player, and getting offers to play for a host of big-time U.S. university teams. Such is the story of Chuba Hubbard, a running back who may be gaining yards toward the NFL.

Universal realities
By Sierra Bilton

Canadian television is not always just a niche medium. It can resonate with viewers around the world. For example, the aboriginal drama series Blackstone took life in an indigenous community and fashioned it into a hit drama. 

The price, the puck and the payoff
By Courtney King

Scott Langkow started his hockey journey as a child, tending goal in Vegreville. The game took him to the NHL and then to several European pro teams. Now, he’s a back in Vegreville and coaching. 

Point and shoot
By Lucas Provencher

A loosely organized network of  vigilantes is stalking Edmonton for child predators, cornering them and photographing them, then shaming them online. But how certain are they that their prey deserve to be stalked.

Crafted by hand
By Marc Kitteringham

Marc likes bikes. He loves bikes. He lives for bikes. You could leave him alone in a room with a bunch of parts and come back in a few hours to find a bike. In fact, that’s what he did. Observe his artwork right here, right now.

Resistance is fruitful
By Chris Berthelot

Just who is this guy Ezra Levant? Why is he so angry? And what is Rebel Media? Levant may be Canada’s best known alt-right gadfly and Rebel Media is his baby, and the country’s No. 1 hyper-conservative media outlet.  

Tales of a city in flames
By Maria Silva

When fires engulfed the city of Fort McMurray last spring, a mandatory evacuation order sent people scrambling to leave, as others waited to help those who were left homeless.

Life after the hits
By Keenan Sorokan

The external injuries from hockey can be obvious. The internal ones are not as obvious, but they can lurk silently in the body for years, and they can change players’ lives in unexpected ways forever.

A song of survival
By Ana Holleman

Much like Edmonton’s autumn weather, the chances of local musicians earning a livelihood can seem bleak. But, like our fall, their lives have lively patches. Pablo Montaño and Colleen Brown discuss the reality of trying to make it here.

Taxi driver! Uber! Alles!
By Jibril Yassin

It used to be that Edmonton’s taxi industry was vibrant – to the point that it was often next to impossible to hail a cab. With the introduction of ridesharing, though, the future of the industry is unclear.

Index and cover photos by Marc Kitteringham

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