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A Refugee’s Tale
by Riyah Lakhani

In any other environment, Meron Gadda would have been a little girl with a bright future. In a refugee camp in Kenya, she faced one roadblock after another on her way to the future she deserved.

Post-Secondary Safe and Secure
by Kaylen Small

Edmonton’s post-secondary institutions rely on their security services to handle everything from sexual assault to grading disputes, to absent-minded professors locked out of their offices.

The Hunt for the Inner Spirit
by Evan Davits

A quest to rediscover a forgotten First Nations heritage begins with a visit to the elders – who recommend a spiritual journey in the sweat lodge, to cleanse, reconnect, and wake up a sleeping sprit.

When Life Is Too Much to Bear
by Sahar Saifee

Deadlines, responsibilities and pressures can make life unbearable for many young people away from home for the first time. Dese’rae Stage knows a bit about it, and she wants to help. 

The Struggle for the Soul of Alberta Avenue
by Tamanna Khurana

To many Edmontonians, 118th Avenue is the northern frontier, and the darkness on the edge of town. But behind the cliches of seediness and decay lies the beating heart of a vibrant community.

The Last Picture Shop
by Katt Adachi

Forget streaming video; it’s cold and soulless. In a small shop on Whyte Ave., the video-store experience lives on – complete with Hollywood memorabilia, B-movie posters and an owner who loves film.

Life After the Beat
by Pierre Royal

A police officer’s life is one of almost constant stress and uncertainty. And one of the toughest parts of the job may be leaving the life behind and learning to cope in a world that has suddenly gone quiet.

Index and cover photos by Tamanna Khurana

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