An early look at UFC 240 in Edmonton

After a disappointing debut card, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will return to Edmonton for UFC 240 on July 27 at Rogers Place. The full fight lineup has not been made official, but there have been a few fights announced, including the main event, which features Canada’s adopted son Max Holloway defending his featherweight belt […]

Craig Shintani is set to make the long walk back to the Unified cage

It has been a long road back to the Unified MMA cage for local fighter Craig Shintani after locking in a guillotine choke nearly two years ago against Garret Nybakken. But on Friday night he will make the walk at Unified 35 against Neal Anderson. Shintani’s journey in mixed-martial arts (MMA) began on a whim […]

It is a tough road to the UFC for Edmonton fighters

“Do you wanna be a fighter?” These infamous words from Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White have become the mantra for fighters looking to compete in the UFC since 2005, but wanting it is often not the problem. Climbing the ranks from an amateur mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter to the UFC takes a combination of […]