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Breann Gurney – Opinion Editor

My name is Breann Gurney. I was born and raised in southern British Colombia and studied Journalism at MacEwan University in Edmonton. I write human rights and interest stories for online news productions while producing content for broadcast TV locally and internationally.

Before starting my career, I travelled to the Americas and Europe to better understand the stories I write and share those stories on a large scale.


Declan Riley – Senior Correspondent

I am a journalism student at MacEwan University, with a great interest in sports and BIOSHOThuman interest writing. I have spent the last two years working as a National Correspondent with USports Canada, writing sports features on university athletes. While working with USports, I was nominated for Story of the Year and  won the award of Correspondent of the Year. Since entering the media industry, I have also worked with the popular sports culture brand Barstool Sports, and Red Bull, the sports and beverage industry leader.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually found on a patio, or on the golf course.

Kassim Khimji – Sports Editor

thumbnail_image1I am a MacEwan University Journalism student, who has a passion for sports. I spent four seasons working with FC Edmonton doing various communication tasks such as writing stories, social-media, game day coverage, PR, and photography. I also have freelanced for Avenue Edmonton in 2017.

Most recently, I interned with Vancouver Whitecaps FC during the summer of 2018. During my time there I did a bit of everything. From writing stories, helping with media relations, live-tweeting, and helping with game-day coverage.



Kendra Stager – Arts & Culture Editor

Hi, my name is Kendra! I’m currently in the final year of my journalism degree at MacEwan University. I like writing about local events and small businesses, and in my free time I love trying new restaurants and playing with my two dogs. If you like to learn about the hidden gems that this city has to offer, check out some of my stories.


Kiefer Sutherland – Sports Editor


I am a journalism student at MacEwan University who previously earned a B.A. in Music from the University of Alberta and an M.A. in Music Business from NYU. My master’s thesis focused on artist development by specifically examining how musicians could brand themselves beyond their music.

I grew up writing music and singing in an alternative rock band. that performed multiple times at Grande Cache’s annual music festival, Death Fest, opening for many notable artists including Tenille, Tupelo Honey, and Sam Roberts. I am an avid sports fan that enjoys everything from tennis to Esports, but my passion is writing about combat sports.



Molly Stogrin – Opinion Editor

IMG_2120mollyHi readers! I’m Molly Stogrin, and I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alta. I spend my time writing about marginalized communities because I desire to give a voice to people who would otherwise not receive news coverage. In my spare time, I like to write music, argue on political Facebook posts and drink an excessive amount of green tea.



Harley Burland – News Editor


I’m a fourth year journalism student with an interest in all things community and all things visual! Most of my stories centre around the people that make this city great, and the events that bring us together. If I’m not chasing down a story you can find me at a local watering hole supporting the arts and culture of YEG by way of drinking any and all craft beers in the area.


Shaela Dansereau – Arts and Culture Editor

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 8.05.42 PM

I am in my final year of journalism at MacEwan University, I love to write about travel, body image and society and human interest pieces (Cats and wine definitely fall under human interest right?). I’m also a lifeguard which kind of makes me the Meredith Grey of Aquatics 💁. So from the pool to the page, I’m the girl to call!






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