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How to show your love

Let us count the ways to celebrate
St. Valentine in the City Centre
By Shanghetaa Alfred 

EVEN WITH two weeks left until Valentine’s Day, finding presents or booking restaurants for that special someone can be a challenge. But you can take the lead this Valentine’s Day with these suggestions on some food, places and fun activities for you and your significant other to enjoy.

Only the best for you and your loved ones.

First up, FOOD!

OEB Breakfast.png

Variety of breakfast options at OEB. (Shanghetaa Alfred and top right and bottom right and middle courtesy of: @OEB_Breakfast


Type: Breakfast and Brunch


Why you should take your Valentine: OEB Breakfast is a unique breakfast place, open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Sunday. It is a great place for early risers, who want to grab a hearty breakfast before they start their day. The place screams breakfast, starting from the menu, ranging from eggs to waffles. The all-glass exterior fills the place with sun, serving you a side dish of Vitamin D. The must-try dishes are the Duck Leg and Waffle, Sweet Dreams are Made of These (New-York style cheesecake stuffed in toast), and the Moroccan style free-range lamb burger.

Sober Cat Cafe.png

Brunch in anytime of the day at DOSC with their all day brunch options. (Shanghetaa Alfred)


Type: Café, Steakhouse and Cocktail bar


Why you should take your Valentine: DOSC is a place that merges three different concepts: a cocktail bar, café, and steakhouse. The variety of dishes on the menu will make your mouth water. DOSC serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is flexible about changing the menu to suit your needs, making it easier for you to plan your date based on your significant other’s preferences. Surprise them with the variety of chickens, sandwiches and steaks. There will be a Valentine’s Day special, so don’t forget to call and make reservations for to ensure you get a spot in their beautiful cafe. The must-try dishes are the Taiwanese Chicken Sandwich, Oxtail Poutine, Wagyu Katsu Burger and Bone Marrow.


Type: Bakery


Why you should take your Valentine: Brio’s bakery is known for its traditional-style bread, made from scratch using only flour, water, and salt. Do you love pastries? If so, Brio is the place to be. They have a variety of sourdough, pastries and bread. Their menu is always changing, but their staples are their sourdough and cruffin which they make in different flavours. The must-try flavours during Valentine’s Day are the pistachio crusted sourdough, Boston cream cruffin, and almond raspberry pocket.


Feast like a “Duchess.” ( Shanghetaa Alfred and top right, bottom right and bottom middle courtesy of @duchessbakeshop)

The Duchess

Type: Bakery


Why you should take your Valentine: This place is like a stroll around Paris. The desserts are the closest thing to Parisian goodies that you can find in Edmonton. The smell is enticing once you open the door. Behind the beautiful white counter, sit macarons, cheese croissants, cakes, lime tarts and brioches. The must-try pastries are their quince orange, coffee caramel, gorgonzola fig macaron, blackberry lime Danish, and their plain croissant. For Valentine’s Day you could pre-order their beautiful pink heart-shaped L’Amour Macaron Gateau for your loved ones.


Wine and dine. (Shanghetaa Alfred)

The Creperie

Type: French, lunch, dinner and dessert


Why you should take your Valentine: Creperie offers a fancy wine-and-dine experience, a go-to romantic spot for many couples in town. Reservations are open for Valentine’s day booking, and lunch and dinner menu has been selected for the special occasion. The relaxed and cozy ambience of the restaurant is popular among guests.

Cactus Club.png

Satisfy your soul with drinks and a full meal at the Cactus Club. (Shanghetaa Alfred)

The Cactus Club

Type: Casual Fine Dining


Why you should take your Valentine: Cactus Club Café is a hip spot for fine dining and fun music. The café’s ambience is romance, including a candlelit dinner, wine and upbeat music. Perfect for a dine-and-dance option if you feel like rocking their mini dance floor.

Despite all of the delicacies listed above, not everyone is a foodie or likes going out to eat. Some people are more interested in gifts and the experience they share with their loved ones on that day. Below are a few places you can buy gifts that are memorable, and places to go.


Shop Chop YEG.png

(Courtesy of @shop.chop.yeg)

Chop Shop Yeg


A small cozy store in the heart of the city that sells locally designed gifts, trinkets and plants. that can be a meaningful purchase for your loved ones. The best selling items are their everyday mugs by @prettybyher with funny quotes on them.

The Artwork.png

(Courtesy of @theartworks1982)

The Artworks

Price: Money_with_Wings_Emoji_largeMoney_with_Wings_Emoji_large

The Artworks is a gift shop that has been around since 1982. The gifts they have are locally and internationally curated suited for him or her. They also do personalized flower arrangements for all occasions that can be pre-ordered and delivered to you. The Artworks is like a store that has everything you need for a day full of surprises for your loved ones.

Edible Arrangements.png

(Courtesy of @ediblearrangements)

Edible Arrangements

Alert: this store also consists of FOOD!


An edible arrangement is a bouquet that can be eaten. Perfect for the heart and the soul; especially when your significant other loves food and flowers all at once. Pre-order your edible arrangements one week before so it arrives on time for your Valentine. One of the Valentine options consists of chocolate-dipped strawberry with an array of fruits of your choice.


Game Night

Price:Money_with_Wings_Emoji_largeGame night is going to be a major treat for you and your Valentine, If you are a crazy sports fan, as there will be a game at Rogers Place. Doors open at 6 p.m. to the Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Regina Pats. Click the link for tickets and experience a fun-filled night of food, beer and cheering on your favourite team.

Skate Night

Price: FREE

Love skating? Planning on going for a skate date? Victoria Park IceWay is the place to be. It is a three-loop skating trail wrapping through the forests of Victoria Park, offering visitors a magical winter experience. The IceWay is open Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m, and there are a couple of food places around that area if you would want a quick bite before the skate date.

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