despicable-meBrian Gorman

Brian has been teaching journalism at MacEwan since 2012, when he somehow managed to acquire a PhD in communication from Carleton University. Before that, he spent more years than he’d like to admit as a feature writer, critic, columnist, reporter and editor at such news organizations as the Chicago Tribune features syndicate, the Toronto Star and Sun Media.







Berkley Berkley Lamb

Berkley is in her fifth and final year in the journalism program at MacEwan University. Her interests lie in fashion, animal rights, and pop culture. Through her schooling, she has grown an appreciation for personality pieces and feature writing. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism, which allows her to interact with a variety of people and be involved with the fashion scene in Edmonton.





Britt Brittany Pitruniak (Copy editor)

Brittany is in her final year of Communications, majoring in journalism. An advocate and creator of change, Brittany works within MacEwan on a variety of governance and political settings, including Students’ Council and the United Nations Club. Writing to make the voices in the city heard, Brittany strives to create a community through journalism where everyone feels they belong. Her life motto: through perseverance comes success.





Gab Gabrielle Brown

Gabrielle Brown is an Edmonton journalist. When not writing something for class, she’s typically writing for her personal blogs, taking photos, making short films, or painting. She’s passionate about human rights, history, and cultural preservation; those themes tend to find their way into her work. She wants to highlight social issues by writing fictional, semi-fictional, and investigative stories, uncovering new perspectives and global social issues.





Jamie Jamie Umbach

Jamie is in his fourth year of Communication Studies with a major in Journalism at MacEwan University. Making a career out of his passion for sports has always been a priority. His interest in sports journalism and communications has led him to working for organizations such as FC Edmonton and Global News.







kyle Kyle Muzyka (Managing editor)

Kyle is the sports editor at MacEwan’s campus newspaper the griff, but has written for other publications as well. He likes to eat cereal and write features, in addition to pretending he’s a master of WordPress.






 Lauren De Leeuw

Lauren is in her fourth and final year in the journalism program at MacEwan University. She hopes to grow up to be a journalist. No joke. She enjoy’s writing about travel, culture, beaches and the occasional well-supported conspiracy theory. Through her writing, she hopes to make a job out of making others love those things too.





lloyd_2 Lloyd Wipf

Currently in his final year of university, Lloyd is studying journalism. With a passion for food, writing and photography, he hopes to combine his three passions and travel the world; exploring the cuisines and cultures of the globe, and write about those adventures in a popular magazine. Until then, he will continue to write about the food scene here in Edmonton and whatever else is interesting and in need of the public’s attention.





Mack Mack Lamoureux (Photo editor)

Mack Lamoureux is a multimedia journalist and photographer. His words, images, and videos have been featured in Vice, the Edmonton Journal, the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen,, Noisey, and others. Mack has photographed musical artists including: Arcade Fire, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Zac Brown Band, Carlos Santana and Earth Wind and Fire among others. His long form video journalism has been accepted to several national and international film festivals.





 Michael Arcuri

Michael Arcuri is a fourth year MacEwan journalism school student and freelance sports writer. He has appeared in and the Edmonton Journal, and will cover anything played on ice, court, or field. Contrary to popular belief, Michael is not the former representative of New York’s 24th district.








Nikki Nikki Wiart (Copy editor)

Nikki’s a storyteller and a news junkie, so it only makes sense she’s a journalist. She thrives off the culture and life that is Edmonton…but she wasn’t always big-city.  Nikki grew-up on a farm in central Alberta, which only fed her love for local food and interesting people. Her favourite things include watching bad sitcoms and drinking good coffee, preferably together.






Taylor Taylor Garstad

Taylor Garstad is 21-year-old an aspiring journalist currently in her fourth year of a Communications Studies degree at MacEwan. Her passion for writing stems from many years of being bad at math and science. Her favourite areas to write about include arts and culture pieces, features, and anything unrelated to politics.