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Why trans-exclusionary radical feminists need to grow up and realize that yes, they are the problem


Taylor Harrison


Just in case you like to ignore this particular part of the news, it seems that the socially conservative have found a new punching bag: trans people and drag queens. Since it’s far too much mental gymnastics for these people to believe it’s their own beloved pastors who have been diddling their kids, they have instead opted for the mature and classy response of displacing the blame onto a class of people who are already at the bottom of the social totem pole, since you can now lose your job if someone finds out you’ve been saying the exact same things about gay people.

But this time, it’s different. Because they’ve managed to finagle the support of people who should really know better, but pretend otherwise because it’s a lot more fun to be the oppressed class and not acknowledge that you’re the oppressor. Well, that’s a little unfair of me; it’s really about people whose own sense of gender identity is so fragile that they rely entirely on their vaginas to give them purpose in life. Coming out against trans people is the white cis straight woman equivalent of truck nuts; it’s the kind of people who are so devoid of any sort of personality that they rely on an organ for some sense of identity.

Of course, no discussion of transphobic cis women would be complete without the patron saint of the trans-exclusionary radical feminists, J.K. Rowling. In possibly the most destructive celebrity meltdown of all time, Rowling’s new goal has abruptly switched from making a wonderful magical world that many have taken refuge in to becoming the leading voice in trans destruction. Her recently released magnum opus is a book that is little more than a wildly fantastical pity piece describing her own public downfall, placing all of the blame on those who think that maybe, it isn’t very nice to deny a group of people rights based on physical sex and that trans people aren’t all that scary. Now, all this would at least be tolerable if this wasn’t coming from the mouth of someone who has been generally acknowledged as not only one of the most famous authors of the twentieth century, but has previously been a beacon of feminist centred liberal education for a new generation.

Trans women, in the minds of TERFs, are aggressive and hyper-sexual, going through the physically, mentally and socially rigorous process of transitioning just to gain access to women’s bathrooms for the sole purpose of sexual gratification and doxxing everyone who stands in their way, if not outright murdering women Buffalo Bill-style. Trans men, on the other hand, are just women who don’t know how wonderful and special women truly are and have cast aside wondrous femininity for a step up on the privilege ladder.

Of course, all of the above is nonsense. Unless we’re all going to stop wearing things on our lower halves, most people can’t tell what genitalia the person they’re talking with has. More importantly, is it entirely essential information, or just some strange consolation for some?

At the end of the day, it’s the trans people who lose. No matter how offended these middle-aged ‘feminists’ get when they’re called out for their bigotry, they still have their social status as mostly white, upper class, straight women. And even though it might not be the kind of thing they used to be fighting for, TERFs are largely protected by this social status, viewed as something that needs to be protected; it’s no coincidence that the ever popular bathroom argument was one peddled by famous conservative Christian Michelle Duggar. Now, TERFs have found themselves in a lose-lose situation, having not only alienated themselves from the rest of their community, but also by tying themselves to groups actively seeking their destruction.

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