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Javad Soleimani, an organizer for the solidarity rally in Edmonton, shares his thoughts concerning Mahsa Amini’s death and the Iranian government 

Julia Magsombol | October 21, 2022

On Sept. 16, a 22 – years – old woman, Mahsa Amini, died after being held by Iran’s morality police. Three days before, on Sept. 13, Amini was arrested for wearing a hijab too loosely, which is considered a crime in Iran. Iranian law states that all women are required to dress modestly or cover their hair, arms, and legs with loose clothing. 

Mahsa Amini, 22 died on Sept.16. Source: Made for Minds

There are reports that Amini was beaten on the head with a baton. Her head was also banged on the vehicle of the morality police. Amini collapsed at Vozara Detention Centre and died.

“Enough is enough. We are done,” says Javad Soleimani, an organizer for the solidarity rally in Edmonton. 

Soleimani said this is not the first time the Iranian government or military has shown brutality toward Iranian people. There are other women who died and suffered under the Iranian police’s brutality. He also said that people in Iran don’t have much freedom of religion or belief compared to Canada. Soleimani added how more than 200 protestors had been killed so far over the past two weeks by the Iranian government. 

“Iran is terrible. The economy is devastating. No freedom, no democracy, and no basic human rights,” Soleimani says. “Now, many people believe that’s just the start of the revolution.” 

Soleimani said that the protest that many people are doing in Edmonton is not only on the death of Amini but also the other heinous crime that happened over the past 44 years in Iran. 

People protesting on Masha Amini’s death and the Iranian regime in Edmonton. Source: Javad Soleimani

“We no longer want the Iranian regime. We no longer want Islamic regime. We want religion and politics be separated,” Soleimani concluded “What matters is having government [and people] respecting freedom, democracy, and human rights, and all religions and all ideologies” 

There are other ways to help Iran protesters all over the world by being their voice in the media. You can also sign petitions and make donations to different organizations of Iran protestors.

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