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 Brian Gorman,  Publisher

Brian is an associate professor of communication studies, specializing in journalism. He holds a master’s degree in journalism and a PhD in communication, both from Carleton University in Ottawa. He joined MacEwan University in July 2012, after three decades in newspapers, magazines, public relations and advertising, working as an editor, reporter, feature writer, critic and columnist for such news organizations as the the Toronto Star, Edmonton Sun, and the Chicago Tribune Co.’s features syndicate, Tribune Media Services. He also has written for several magazines, including Ottawa, Equinox and Canadian Geographic.

HeadShotsCropped (5 of 13).jpgStephan Boissonneault, Managing Editor
Writer, Movable Dirt

Stephan is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Starting out as a volunteer writer, Stephan worked his way up to landing an Assistant Editor position at MacEwan University’s magazine the griff. His words and photos have been featured in publications such as Vice, Vue Weekly, Avenue, Beatroute, and others. While he is a musician himself and most of his writing focuses on the arts, he is open to writing about anything journalistic and thought-provoking.

HeadShotsCropped (8 of 13).jpgAna Holleman, Editor-in-Chief
Writer, A song of survival

Ana is a fourth-year Journalism student. Growing up, one of her great strengths was writing, which is one of the things that pushed her into journalism – that, and a need to inform people of the truth. Currently, Ana serves as the griff’s Research Editor, after serving for one year as Copy Editor and as two years as a volunteer writer. Her writing has also appeared in the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Sun and Postmedia’s various news outlets throughout Canada. Ana is bilingual and astigmatic, and she has nothing to hide.

 Marc Kitteringham, Photo Editor HeadShotsCropped (12 of 13).jpg
Writer, Made by hand

Marc has spent most of his life outdoors. Things like dirt, wood, trees and water keep pulling him back out. He is always looking for the next excuse to get outside and be where he is most comfortable. To do this, he tells stories about the outdoors and the people who spend their time there.


HeadShotsCropped (11 of 13).jpg  Lucas Provencher, Photo Editor
Writer, Point and Shoot

Lucas Provencher is a third year communications student majoring in journalism at MacEwan University. He would like to earn a living off of journalism, but will probably have to supplement his income with a more lucrative profession like salt mining or potato pealing. He enjoys investigative journalism, photography, and reading non-fiction.

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Maria Silva, Social Media Editor
Writer, Tales of a city in flames

Maria is a third year journalism student who enjoys writing features, travelling and eating. She aspires to travel the world writing about different cultures and personality pieces on individuals who are making a difference in their own community. Once finished school, Maria hopes to continue her backpacking experience to places like Africa and Australia, while blogging about her journey along the way.

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Zach Howe, Copy Editor
Writer, Life After Prison

In his fourth year of his journalism degree, Zach hopes to pursue foreign correspondence journalism after graduation. Whether that is travelling and learning about different cultures, being embedded in hot spots around the world and reporting on what is taking place, or just travelling and writing about his experiences. He is a heavy reader but with no particular interest in any one topic. He will read anything. You can find him at home reading and listening to old funk and soul music, or at any of the second hand book stores downtown or on Whyte Avenue.

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Chris Berthelot, Copy Editor
Writer, Resistance is Fruitful

Chris is in his final year in MacEwan’s journalism program, thank God. Born and raised in Edmonton, his passion for storytelling has lead him to write everything from short stories to one-act plays, as well as investigative reports and a novel. His interests include crime, theology, films and mystery novels, especially from Michael Connelly and Ian Rankin. When his fingers aren’t madly attacking a keyboard, Chris usually hides in movie theatres.

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Sierra Bilton, Copy Editor
  Writer, Universal Realities

Sierra is a fourth-year Journalism student in Edmonton with international ambitions. She is passionate about art, culture and telling the stories of marginalized groups. Currently writing for local Alberta Avenue paper, The Rat Creek Press she plans to move on to international stages with her flair for language and culture. When not reading or cooking she’s hiking in the mountains or eating peanut butter.

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Zach Mueller, Copy Editor
 Writer, Hubbard’s Journey

Zach is a third-year journalism student. For as long as he can remember, his two greatest passions have been writing and sports. His ultimate goal is to combine his two interests and become a sports journalist. But he wants to tell the stories beyond the scoreboard – the journey of an athlete or the history of a small football town. When he’s not busy with school, he’s usually travelling around the U.S., spending too much money on college football tickets.

HeadShotsCropped (7 of 13) (1).jpg                Keenan Sorokan, Copy Editor
Writer, Life after the hits

Sports and storytelling are Keenan’s passions. He decided at a young age if no one was going to pay him to play hockey, they might pay him to write about it. He hails from Saskatoon and still refers to hoodies as bunnyhugs (google it). Besides taking in hockey games, Keenan watches the occasional movie and show. Nearly all of his jokes are borrowed material because of it. He is in his third and final
year of the program.

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Courtney King, Copy Editor
Writer, The price and the payoff

Courtney is a fourth-year journalism student who has always had a passion for writing and storytelling. She’s most interested in reporting on sports, arts and culture. She has written for The St. Albert Gazette in the past. Aside from writing, she enjoys reading, playing sports, spending time with her horses and taking photos. After graduation, she plans to do as much travelling as she can.

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Jibril Yassin, Social Media Editor
Writer, Taxi driver Uber alles

Jibril is in his final year of journalism studies. Besides having a talent for looking incredibly disgruntled in photos, Jibril’s interests lie in photography, video games and pop culture. Having previously written on arts and culture, his writing has featured in outlets such as the Griff, Vice, the Edmonton Journal, Pitchfork, the FADER and others.

Photos by Marc Kitteringham

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