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Victoria Dean is a third-year journalism student. She has a passion
for writing about music and animal rights, loves photography
and enjoys covering local concerts.





Zack Dean is a fourth-year journalism student. An aspiring sports writer,
he was the MacEwan Griffins game-day reporter for the
2015-16 season. He also is interested in the local music scene
and the justice system.





Ashley Demers is a fourth-year journalism student who enjoys
working in both multimedia and print. Her main interests are the
military and sports. Her work has been published in The Voxair,
and the RCAF national website.





Josh DeRose is a fourth-year communications major specializing
in journalism. He has spent years working in the bar industry,
so his story is something of a cleansing of the soul.





Caleb Fox is a fourth-year journalism major and an aspiring arts writer.
He loves cinema, television, live music, comics, literature, dogs, curling,
hiking, and food. He hopes to travel the world, and write a novel.





Leevi Gogerla expects he will one day visit most of countries of the
world. He is a journalism student, who loves Jean Genet
and William S. Burroughs. He hopes one day to make
a contribution to literature and art.





Renée Gulayets is a fourth-year journalism student. After completing
her studies, she hopes to become a broadcast journalist. Her passions
include sports, health, and food.





Clint Hoektra is a writer and the former proprietor of Clint’s Haus,
an Edmonton punk hovel. He has spent the past 12 years revelling
in the strangest depths of Edmonton’s music scene,
as both a musician and host of shows.





Brenden Maisonneauve is a fourth-year journalism student,
who is on the verge of graduating and already works as
a reporter for an Edmonton radio station.






Anna McMillan is a fourth-year journalism student. She is also a TV-news
producer at CBC Edmonton, and has a keen interest in writing about
issues of social justice and sustainability.






Sam Oleschuk (Photo editor) is a fourth year journalism student .
With a passion for photography as well as writing, Sam hopes
to use his talents to create visually stimulating
and meaningful stories with an international scope.





Kevin Pennyfeather is a Carib-Canadian freelance journalist who covers
video games, Japanese culture, music, theatre, fine art, and more.
When he’s not studying, he’s playing hockey, jazz,
or a competitive multiplayer game.





Chris Penwell is a writer who specializes in games and film coverage.
He has spent years working for gaming websites, including a stint as
senior reviews editor for BagoGames. He is a founder of the Edmonton
entertainment website, Enthuse.





Tim Rauf is a fourth-year journalism student who divides his time between
creative projects and watching ’90s sitcoms. He has had two short stories
published, and has written for several Edmonton publications. He hopes to one day
work for the Pew Research Centre.




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Editor and publisher: Brian Gorman PhD
associate professor of communications studies
MacEwan University


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