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Zoe Cronin  (photo editor) is a fourth-year journalism student from New Zealand,
who plays for the MacEwan women’s volleyball team. She enjoys the outdoors, and
hopes to become a sports reporter. Her dream is to cover the Olympics.


Gabriel Gauthier (copy editor) is a fourth-year journalism student, who focuses
on stories and people who have been shut out of the mainstream. Her interest
in social justice and equality leads to her towards stories that need to be told.


Jenelle Jensen (copy editor) is in her fifth year at MacEwan. She is also a freelance
writer who is passionate about people, food, and coffee. She aims to use her skills
in photo, video and podcasting to explore different ways of telling stories.


Jake Pesaruk is an Edmonton freelance writer and fourth-year journalism student.
He is a regular contributor to several local publications, including the recently
shuttered alt-weekly, Vue


Sarah Spisak (photo editor) is a third-year journalism student who enjoys
writing about just about everything. She wants to work as a freelance journalist
with the hopes of one day running her own publication.


Ishita Verma (managing editor) is a fourth-year journalism student. She has a
passion for travelling, music, arts and bad jokes. After completing her degree, she
hopes to become a broadcast journalist.


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Editor and publisher: Brian Gorman PhD
Associate professor, Communications Studies
MacEwan University


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