Making noise about our part of town: Volume I

MAGPIES ARE KNOWN for noise and curiosity, and here at The City Centre Magpie, we are also devoted to uncovering every bit of interesting detail about our community, and making as much noise as we can about it.

The Magpie is a hyper-local news outlet operated by MacEwan University fourth-year journalism students, and its aim is to tell the stories of the people who live and work around our campus, from Jasper to 107th Avenue, and from 101st to 124th Streets, one of the city’s busiest and most densely populated areas. It includes most of downtown, two of the most popular commercial strips (Jasper Avenue and 124th Street) and the city’s second university. It also contains some of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods, many of its oldest buildings, and is home to a culturally and ethnically diverse population.
There’s a lot to cover.
The Magpie is published every second Monday. Check in for everything about our neighbourhood, from news to politics, to restaurant reviews, to culture coverage .

No. 4: March 23, 2020           Life in the time of contagion

Pandemic versus politics


Maggie’s take

Maggie stands for “Magpie,” and it’s the title of our opinion piece by each edition’s managing editor. This week, Jackson Spring looks at ways to help those put out of work because of COVID-19, whether they have it or not.






Food scene survival

Alberta’s restaurants haven’t been ordered to close yet, but with everyone
trying to stay away from crowded places, many of them might as well be.
Some are worried they might not ever reopen.


Covid diaries

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Managing editor: Jackson Spring
Assistant managing editor: Jasmine Graf
Copy chief: Danielle Selbee
Copy editors: Shanghetaa Alfred, Austin Connelly, Ashley Orich

Contributors: Maya Abdallah, Rahma Dalmar, Layla Dart, Rudy Howell, Cecilia Lietz, Mariann Robertson, Danielle Selbee, Sarah Spisak

No. 3: March 9, 2020

Writing a new story







A Duchess decade

Duchess Bake Shop has been operating on 124th Street  for 10 years. To celebrate the
anniversary in good taste, the bakery is reviving some classic recipes from its early
days – many of which hadn’t been tasted in years.


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Managing editor: Sarah Spisak
Assistant managing editor: Jackson Spring
Copy chief: Rudy Howell
Copy editors: Maya Abdallah, Layla Dart, Jessica Nelson

Contributors: Shanghetaa Alfred, Austin Connelly, Rahma Dalmar, Jasmine Graf, Cecilia Lietz, Ashley Orich, Mariann Robertson, Danielle Selbee

No. 2: Feb. 17, 2020

Beyond the symptoms






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Managing editor: Mariann Roberts
Assistant managing editor: Sarah Spisak
Copy chief: Ashley Orich
Copy editors:
Shanghetaa Alfred, Rahma Dalmar, Danielle Selbee,
Contributors: Maya Abdallah, Austin Connelly, Layla Dart, Jasmine Graf, Rudy Howell, Cecilia Lietz, Jessica Nelson, Jackson Spring

No. 1: Feb. 3, 2020

‘Hope is as small as a needle’




YEG street art

Edmonton’s core is a hidden gallery of unique murals, but you have to work hard to find them. The paintings, by local and international artists, comprise some of the city’s best urban art – and it’s all tucked away in alleys and parking lots.


A Fire-cracking New Year

The Wuhan virus may have cast a pall over the Spring Festival in China, but in January, the city’s Chinese community celebrated the beginning of the Spring Festival with joy, pride, fireworks and a lion’s dance through Chinatown.


Rent isn’t rising – for now

A recent report states that City Centre rents are stagnant. However, new developments in the area may shake up the current rental market and bring it in line with the rest of the city, which has seen rental rates rising in the past few years.


Red lights in the snow

Edmonton is known for deep snow and slick winter driving,  inconvenient for most drivers, but, between spinning wheels, locked traffic and temperatures that can freeze water in firehoses, winter is downright dangerous for first responders.


Valentine’s Day ideas

Even though we still have two weeks to go before Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to start thinking about novel ways to show your love to that special person. Here we offer a selection of some of the best ways to celebrate in the City Centre.


Maggie’s take

Maggie stands for “Magpie,” and it’s the title of our opinion piece by each edition’s managing editor. This week, Jasmine Graf vents about driving through our winters, and wonders why, every year, Edmontonians seem to forget all about snow and ice.
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About us
Managing editor: Jasmine Graf
Assistant managing editor: Mariann Roberts
Copy chief: Austin Connelly
Copy editors: Maya Abdallah, Rudy Howell, Cecilia Lietz
Contributors: Shanghetaa Alfred, Rahma Dalmar, Layla Dart, Jessica Nelson, Ashley Orich, Danielle Selbee, Sarah Spisak, Jackson Spring
Publisher:  Brian Gorman PhD, associate professor of journalism

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