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His women have been slut-shamed
for years; now it’s Clinton’s turn
    By Sarah Spisak

IN JUNE 2018, Craig Melvin of The Today Show sat down with Bill Clinton and writer James Patterson to discuss a book the pair had just written about a fictional president – but the interview eventually segued into questions about Clinton’s past and the present #Metoo movement.

“If you were president – today, 2018 – how would you approach the accusations differently?” Melvin asks.

“Well,” Clinton says with a smile, “I don’t think it would be an issue, because people would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts.” Clinton’s eyes widen as he emphasizes the word “imagined.”

Personally, I don’t think anything can be more factual than the former president’s DNA-matching semen stains on a 22-year-old intern’s dress. So, I’m confused about the  “imagined facts” to which Clinton is referring. He never clarifies, instead saying that he “doesn’t want to get into the facts.”

Then, he steers the conversation into the “serious allegations against the current occupant of the Oval Office.”

Yes, there are accusations against Trump, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Clinton – aside from giving him a place to shift the focus.

In total, Clinton has had four public accusations of sexual assault or misconduct thrown at him: the rape of Jaunita Broderick in 1978; the sexual assault of Leslie Millwee in 1980; the sexual harassment of Paula Jones in 1991; the groping of Kathleen Willey in 1993.

Recently, four more women have filed lawsuits, accusing Clinton of sexually assaulting them when they were in their late teens and working for Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor and friend of Clinton. These women have not gone public with their names or accusations yet, but according to the British newspaper The Telegraph, whose reporter spoke to a former official of Clinton’s office, are ready to, if Clinton denies the allegations and settlement offers.

In 1994, Paula Jones sued Clinton for sexual harassment. It was this case that led to the exploitation of Clinton’s second extra-marital affair; the first was with Gennifer Flowers, a relationship Clinton claims lasted only one night in 1977. However, Flowers says it was a relationship that lasted 12 years.

Monica Lewinsky was his second, and most famous affair.

At the time, Clinton was 49 and president of the United States. Lewinsky was a 22-year old, just out of college working her first major job.

Although the relationship was consensual, the abuse of power and authority is disturbing. When the flirting began, he should have put a stop to it then and there, but instead he became the catalyst for the relationship.

This is the relationship with the hard facts that led to Clinton’s perjury in the Paula Jones case and eventual impeachment: the dress, the book, the hat pin and the cigar box.

Gifts and DNA evidence.

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