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Recently, Edmonton was flooded with beer. The Edmonton Craft Beer festival at the Edmonton Expo Centre was full of thirsty Albertans looking to sample some of the province’s tastiest brews. With live music, food and local vendors, there was a beer for everyone. With gluten free and non-alcoholic options also available, it was a very accommodating event.

Not only was there a couple cups of the bubbly in everyone’s hands, it was a great opportunity to learn about how you can support local businesses around you. Edmonton and Alberta as a whole has a booming industry of craft breweries and many of these breweries are just local start up’s with families and friends risking their savings for a dream they have.

My top three brews from the event that you might want to keep your eyes open for this summer are:

Folding Mountain Summer Margarita Gose
Folding Mountain Brewery is located just outside of Jasper and they might have one of the coolest looking spots in Alberta. Hidden right in the mountains, the atmosphere is incredible and the actually brewery designed beautifully. Their Summer Margarita Gose is equally as beautiful and tasty. The perfect summer brew for when you’re craving Mexico trip but a walk to the backyard is all you can afford.

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company Babe Blueberry Vanilla Pale Ale
Wood Buffalo, a brewery based out of Fort MacMurray, is one of multiple breweries strung together by local Albertan ownership. With sibling breweries in Calgary, Jasper and soon to in Edmonton, Wood Buffalo is known around the prairie province. Their Babe Pale Ale is a smooth beer that will make you think of tasty cake and smooth prairie hops. The blueberry and vanilla taste notes are an odd mix but a great addition.

Banded Peak Brewing Summit Seeker IPA
Banded Peak, a brewery out of Calgary may have developed the perfect beer to keep in your backpack for when you summit your hikes. Banded Peaks has some of the tastiest beers in Cowtown and they might also some of the sleekest marketing in the game. People know that Banded Peak beers below in the mountains and I can assure you that I will be packing a couple for my next hike.

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