Shane Fennessey, Edmonton’s media dark horse

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When you graduate high school, rarely do you know the exact route that you plan on taking. I experienced this first hands Most people just follow the crowd’s advice and enrol in some version of a liberal arts program. For me it was political science, and for the first couple years of school I went from classroom to classroom putting out fires that my academic career had started. I always struggled with the fact that my academic career started pretty rocky and there have always been concerns that it would eventually come back to haunt me.

Then I met Shane Fennessey.

Shane had a very similar beginning to his academic career. After attending Western University for two years working towards his business degree he came back to his home of Vancouver and decided to try his hand in all sorts of academic in hopes that he would find something that would stick.

After trying every course from math to religion, Shane finally found the psychology was the one. So he finished up two years at Langara College and then transferred to UBC to complete his degree.

Shane’s introduction to the film and media industry, was almost as unorthodox as his academic career.

Having a chance to work for Hockey Canada within days of graduation, Shane was moving to Edmonton to assist Hockey Canada with the 2012 IIHF World Juniors hosted in Edmonton and Calgary. Once the tournament was finished, Shane was still looking to be working in the field of hockey, so he accepted a position with Calgary’s premier hockey school Edge Academy. For the next few years Shane held various management positions in Alberta but none never fit the way they should have.

Simply put, Shane’s chance to be in the media industry, was pure coincidence, the stars aligning.IMG_3746


Once Shane was in the film industry he didn’t leave. His IMDb page (yes, he has his own page) is full of production positions for documentaries and television shows. Shane’s three largest documentaries are Making Coco – The Grant Fuhr Story, The Bailey Experience and Built For This – The Michael Bisping Story.

For the average person, the take away from this IMDb page is that Shane works with top level athletes. Shooting and working on set with the likes of professional athletes and businessmen, Dana White, just to name drop one.


On top of an A+ production resume, a wicked Vodka Soda recipe, Shane also has one of Edmonton’s coolest podcasts.

When Shane moved to Edmonton, he wanted to get to know the city and its people better. With ties to the sporting world, naturally the podcast started with interviewing people from around the sports world. From there it has grown to included everything from business and politics and essentially anything Edmonton.

City of Champions has received multiple shout outs and recognition in the world of podcasts and has some big name Edmontonians on it. Any chance Shane gets to talk about his podcast is beyond apparent the passion that he bring to the topics, guests and media world as a whole.


For me, meeting Shane at the end of my degree is actually a shame. He is a great mentor and an even better example of how being self taught can shape a career path.

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