7 streamable shows to bring out your inner feminist

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By Shaela Dansereau

Currently available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Crave, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, these bingeworthy shows are guaranteed to bring out your feminist side. From strong female leads, to tackling controversial topics about women and what it means to be a woman throughout history and in today’s society, these shows will make you want to ditch your plans to binge and have you shouting ‘femme power’ from your couches.

killing Eve

Killing Eve

As if Sandro Oh wasn’t already everybody’s favourite thanks to Grey’s Anatomy and Christina Yang. Her performance in Killing Eve is edgy and captivating, and is reflected perfectly by Jodie Comer’s portrayal of female assassin and serial killer, Villanelle. The show is dominated by these two strong female leads and their captivation for each other as hunter and prey — the only question is, which one is which? Killing Eve is a thriller with a feminist kick and shows audiences that not all ladies are sweet and meek; there are women out there with a dark side — and the show leaves us wondering who will give into theirs.

Now available for streaming on Cravethe handmaids tale.png

The Handmaid’s Tale

It may seem contradictory to say that a show with enslaved women, whose reproductive rights are violated, is feminist, but that is exactly why feminists everywhere should binge this show. It is infuriating. As a feminist watching this you want to jump off the couch and scream at your TV, at the audacity of the fictional world of Gillead and its repressive, patriarchal laws and society. This show is a bonding force for feminists to shake our fists at. The show and its acting are brilliant, and makes you emphasize on a whole new level with the women trapped within Gillead. Or even to analyse that on a terrifying level, this fictional dystopian society is not that far of a stretch for possible future events, especially given the status of reproductive rights being repealed in multiple U.S. states at the moment.

Now available for streaming on HULU and Crave

working moms.png

Workin’ Moms

Witty, confrontational, and utterly real, Workin’ Moms is a show that appeals to any woman, whether she has a child or not. This show explores the balance that many mothers struggle to hit — making time for family and childcare, friendships and their careers. The characters face challenges from workplace stigma and the idea that you can’t be a professional working woman without rather being at home with your baby, to postpartum depression and stigmas surrounding being a family woman who also might want an abortion. This show will have your stomach hurting from laughing so hard and your inner feminist cheering for the open dialogue about motherhood that too many shows are afraid to approach.

Now streaming on Netflix




Based on journalist Lindy West’s book, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, Shrill gives us a female television lead that we don’t always get to experience. SNL’s Aidy Bryant plays Annie, who no one, including Annie, shies away from calling “fat.” This show takes us through the struggles of a working woman who is not only struggling to fight her way through the industry and the trolls of the internet because she’s a woman, but because she’s a plus-sized woman. The complete honesty and discussion around being a plus-sized woman in society today connects to a large-scale audience in a way that other shows may not have been successful at. Shrill tackles difficult topics and the things we don’t often admit out loud to ourselves, let alone to others.

Now available for streaming on HULU and Crave


Good Girls

From housewifery to armed robbery, Good Girls tosses the idea of motherhood mediocrity out the window and delivers a hilarious, yet thrilling, series on the extremes a mom will go to in order to take care of her family — and as a bonus she might even get a thrill out of it. The main characters’ storylines are all so diverse, yet their incredibly strong female friendship keeps them from falling apart. Also realistic female bodies being cast is a double bonus. Good Girls keeps it interesting from the first episode of the season to the last, and the characters’ feminine wiles and parenting experience keep the plot thick and the story juicy — just like the pot roast that’s likely in their crock-pots.

Now available for streaming on Netflix



The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Making waves with her introduction to the male dominated stand-up comedy circuit is the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Rachel Brosnahan has been cleaning up during award season for her portrayal of Mrs. Maisel. Any feminist can enjoy rooting for her character on as she delves her way into a “boys’ club” and pushes her way to the spotlight. Mrs. Maisel is for any gal or guy who is tired of hearing “step aside honey.”

Now available for streaming on Amazon Prime


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Based in the same universe as Riverdale, just with a plotline that is a million times more coherent and interesting is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The show stars Kiernan Shipka as the teenage witch, Sabrina, who discovers the depths of the dark magic community that she was born into upon her 16th birthday. Sabrina not only tackles the patriarchal hierarchy that is the Church of Night but also seeks to change their laws and highlight feminine power. Though the show is clearly aimed to make a mark with teens and young adults, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a fun story of a femme fatal with magic that viewers of any age can enjoy.  

Now available for streaming on Netflix

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