Summer: The Season of Food Trucks

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It has long been quipped that Edmonton is a city of two seasons: winter and construction. However, although there is truth to that statement, it excludes a very important season that should be noted on the calendar — food truck season!

With the parting of the clouds and the opening of farmers’ markets comes a parade of vehicles designed to serve delicious food on the go to pedestrians. Whether you track down your favourite truck or happen upon a new gem, these street-side restaurants are the perfect partner to Edmonton summers.


There is a large variety of food trucks that make Edmonton their patio. As small venues, they don’t offer a diverse menu within the truck but specialize in their featured dishes, giving you the best of the best. Some are extensions of bigger restaurants, highlighting a selection of the menu, while others are committed to a roving lifestyle.

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Kettle Popcorn brings a festival staple to your front yard. The corn is popped fresh on board, and this sweet and salty snack is perfect for a mid-market munch. This truck is a YEG special. Find it parked at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market on the weekends.

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A street food classic is elevated to gourmet status by a proudly local hot dog cart. Fat Franks is not new to the food truck game. Since the inception of the company in 1995, Fat Franks has perfected the art of fun-in-a-bun. With two permanent locations established in Edmonton and multiple mobile kitchens, you can enjoy a hot dog with all the fixin’s all over the city.


Another mini-me of a popular Edmonton establishment is the Colombian Coffee booth. Passionate about quality beans and fair-trade farming, this independent coffee shop and artisanal roastery puts great love and care into each ethically-sourced and locally-made batch. The Colombian now sets up at the downtown market so you can get your caffeine fix to keep your weekend rollin’.


Enjoy one of Edmonton’s newest food trucks for lunch: The Kebab Guys. Bringing authentic Turkish eats to our cities streets, this mobile restaurant is one-of-a-kind. Serving up fresh burgers, donairs, chips and, of course, kebabs, this truck is the perfect stop for when you’re hungry for a savoury treat. Find them on most days tucked off Whyte Avenue or downtown on Jasper Avenue.


Last but not least, Meat Street Pies is one of Edmonton’s top ranked food trucks. The simple special here is not hard to guess, but the flavour profiles of the pies are complex and delicious. Made-from-scratch pies and pasties are baked on board the truck, so they are hot and fresh when you bite into them. This popular food truck is a busy one, and serves up street meat at a new location almost every day of the week.

Edmonton food trucks give the idea of “fast food” a welcome twist. Dishes are often made from scratch using local ingredients and offer meals you expect from a sit-down restaurant but at a lower cost. Although delicious food is a motivator to check out the trucks, street-side dining is also about the experience of community and activating energy in public spaces. Embracing the culture of outdoor eating is what Edmonton’s summer season is all about.

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