Edmonton’s summer of sport

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by Declan Riley

For the first time in years, Edmonton now boast sports teams that are active over the summer months. The Edmonton Eskimos, the CFL staple, the Edmonton Prospects, who are potentially playing their last season here, and the two newcomers: the Edmonton Stingers, the newest professional basketball league in Canada, and the Edmonton FC, the long awaited professional soccer team tied to the World Cup bid.

But which team is the best bang for your buck in Edmonton, and who is going to give you the best deal when you walk in the door?

Let’s start with the Edmonton Eskimos.


The Edmonton Eskimos have been a go to in the Edmonton sports world for over 50 years. Cheap tickets start at around $40, and there are tonnes of food and beverage options, whether you’re there for a family outing or a night out on the town. An Eskimos’ game provides the best atmosphere for sports in Edmonton, but there are going to be some cold nights, so it’s always recommended to pack a bag and check the weather ahead of time. Commonwealth Stadium is also conveniently located right on the LRT line, creating an easy commute to and from the game.

Now the Edmonton Prospects.

prospects_am1The Edmonton Prospects have had their highs and lows in Edmonton over the last few years.. Our city has had its dalliances with professional baseball, but with seasons starting late March or early April, the main complaint and concern is the fact that there’s a decent chance we’re going to get snow. But once summer has settled in, come the beginning of June, the Prospects’ games are the “it” activity for the 18-30 demographic. Remax Field, located just outside Edmonton’s downtown, is an easy commute from a patio, and once you’re out at the ball game, it’s cheap beer, good music and a good chance you’ll run into some pals. With tickets prices around $20, and occasional ticket deals, you can add the Edmonton Prospects to your list of cheap thrills.

How about FC Edmonton?
Edmonton has always had a strong soccer culture and there has always been a push to have a professional team in Edmonton. Over the years there have been a few attempts, but nothing really stuck. Now with the launch of the Canadian Premiere League, Edmonton has a new soccer team in town and it appears that FC Edmonton is here to stay. With watch parties hosted for when the lads are out of town, and thousands of fans attending the home games at Clarke Field, just down the road from Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton’s soccer team not only has Edmonton supporting them, they have Edmonton playing for them, with local product on the team.

Finally, there’s Edmonton’s newest sports fix, the Stingers.

d5HkBWZZ_400x400The Edmonton Stingers, the newest addition to the sports scene in Edmonton, is a basketball team out of the Canadian Elite Basketball League. Edmonton has also attempted to have a basketball team multiple times, but just like the soccer teams and baseball teams, there have been occasional issues with the fan base and finding the right cultural fit. Though the Edmonton Stingers bring a new energy to the Edmonton sports scene, the lengthy commute to the Edmonton Expo Centre and the expensive ticket prices may prove to be a challenge. But with a win in the season opener, and games on the weekends, the Stingers could prove to be a great weekend attraction for Edmonton basketball fans.

With all these options in Edmonton, fans won’t have to go far to find a great game.

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