Newly Released Netflix Originals Ranked

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Newly released Netflix originals ranked

By Molly Stogrin

Sweatpants, junk food and Netflix are the perfect combo for a great night in. The only problem is that there are so many titles, so it’s hard to choose what to watch. Luckily, we vetted all of the Netflix originals and made this list to show you what’s worth watching and what you can scroll past.

The Good

1. Beyonce Homecoming


Anything Beyonce touches turns to gold — including this movie. If you couldn’t afford tickets to last year’s Coachella, then this movie will give you the concert experience at home. This kind of recorded concert lights up spirits as marching bands play and dancers give it their all. This film even features new Beyonce tracks.


Verdict: Watch it and praise queen Bey


@ozzytomi via Twitter


2. See You Yesterday


This is one of the best movies on Netflix right now. It follows two nerdy best friends who create time travel to save a life. This film offers political commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality. It’s difficult to be black in 2019 and See You Yesterday makes the melanated struggle palatable for everyone. The only thing they missed was writing an ending.


Verdict: Watch it if you’re in the mood for a sci-fi tearjerker.


@baby_till via Twitter


3. The Perfect Date



Staring the teenage heartbreaker, Noah Centineo, this film details the struggle of having your great potential blocked by your financial situation. Poor Kid Brooks (Noah Centineo) has to pay for college somehow, and Ivy League schools aren’t cheap, so he does what most reasonable people who are desperate for money do: create an app. The app makes it so that people can rent him to be a stand-in boyfriend or a kind of babysitter for spoiled teenagers. It’s a cute movie, but it’s so cheesy at the same time, making it the perfect film for a girls’ night where you can drink wine and ignore the overdone character tropes.


Verdict: Watch it for the eye candy.



@aarontorbet via Twitter


The Bad

4. Good Sam


This story follows Kate Bradley, a serious reporter with poor social skills and a cocky attitude. Tiya Sircar did a good job portraying this character, who was unfortunately unlikeable. The movie centres around the reporter, Kate, finding out the identity of a person who is giving away random bags of money because they’re a Good Samaritan. This movie is full of so many clichés, including the best friend who is actually just a work colleague and the protagonist being an all-work-no-play single woman. If you want to watch a romcom, just watch a lifetime movie because they have better scripts.


Verdict: Avoid it unless you’ve seen almost everything else.


@Tubemole1 via Twitter

5. Wine Country


With a cast of middle-aged A-listers and a decent movie trailer, Wine Country looked promising, but only led me to the nearest Wine and Beyond store to drink away the memory of this complete mess of a movie. Each member of Amy Poehler’s crew is hilarious on their own, but their comedy styles seem to clash when put together. This movie follows a group of women who became friends in their twenties while working at the same pizza place. These ladies were bound to fight as their friendship is based off a slice of pepperoni, and they only stayed friends because it was more convenient than being alone. These women are so unlikable that Tina Fey’s almost-funny, lonely bush woman character couldn’t save the movie.


Verdict: Buy two bottles of pinot if you plan on attempting to make it through this film.


@chenrix via Twitter



6. The Last Summer


This teen romcom was quite dull. There aren’t a lot of important things going on, but there are a lot of things going on. The movie follows different plot lines of teens who don’t run in the same social circles. The problem? Not one of the storylines is good. Caring about any of these unrelatable teens’ lives is virtually impossible. The acting is okay in general, but it’s just executed so poorly.


Verdict: Hard pass. The best thing about this movie is KJ Apa.


@MovieTvRants via Twitter



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