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“Coaching, Culture, Community”

Going to the gym always proves to be a struggle for most people. But imagine being able to go to a gym where not only is a community focuses on growth and but also being able to better your golf game. When I think gym, i think bigger arms, not better sand bunker shots.

Let me introduce you the reader to Jordan Leske.

Leske:, community man, avid golfer and personal trainer.

Leske has been working as a personal trainer for just over five years and more recently has opened his own gym, The Projct. He focuses on community growth by using coaching that focuses mainly on development and confidence.

“I want to change people’s perspective on fitness and themselves in a community based way,” says Leske.

After feeling unfulfilled in his career as a carpenter, Leske was looking for a change, so after training clients at a public gym for a number of years, he took the plunge and opened up his own shop here in Edmonton.

The Projct, a community based fitness centre isn’t your typical gym. Though there is membership, much of the fitness revolves around group classes, workshops and golf strength training.

These workshops and programs look to develop your body in hopes that these physical changes will in turn influence your golf game. Certified by golf training standard Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Leske’s golf fitness development is legitimate and here to stay. Leske has worked with various clubs and tournaments around the city of Edmonton to grow the game and develop camps and workshops that will make a tangible difference in the golf games of athletes around the city.

Not only is Leske working to develop the athletic side of golf in Edmonton, but through his golf social group, the Golf Society, Jordan Leske looks to develop the social and philanthropic side of the game. The Golf Society is a golf social group, hosting events around the city including charity tournaments, viewing parties for major golf tournaments, and pop up events.

Courtesy of Jordan Leske

When asked about the ideas and goals for the Golf Society, Leske’s answer was quite simple: “I want to put a golf club in the hands of as many as possible in Edmonton.”

Leske is the type of person who wants to constantly make change in his community and his efforts receive the recognition they deserve. From his gym receiving an award for being one of Edmonton’s best fitness facilities, to the Golf Society raising thousands of dollars for local charities, it’s clear the man wants to change more than the game of golf.

Jordan believes we either Make Progress or we Make Excuses. Living for the pursuit of progression, overcoming something that challenged us and accomplishing what we had set out to do. That’s what it’s all about. Always expand and reach for something more,” taken directly from the bio on Jordan, off his website.

Leske’s key mantra in life is “Coaching, Culture, Community.”

“Through coaching and working with people we can change the culture of fitness and culture of golf. Through changing and growing the culture we will in turn grow the community.”

There’s no doubt that wherever Jordan swings his club, change is sure to follow.

Courtesy of Jordan Leske

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