LRT- more like Not For ME

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By: Shaela Dansereau and Molly Stogrin

What do a clip-in man bun, moon shoes, and diet water have in common? A sincere lack of purpose, and no real contribution to society—much like Edmonton’s Metro LRT line.

Despite recognizing issues during construction, Edmonton’s LRT engineers decided to keep ‘choo-chooing’ along and finish the train with the fall school year deadline looming, thereby cursing students and other commuters alike to suffer the consequences from ghosts of decisions past. Everyone loves stopping at red lights for 10 minutes right? Or squishing into a lacklustre, slow-moving metal cage like sardines into a tin can?

Toot-toot, we smell a mistake, and we are ready to blow the smoke of disillusionment away. Because this $665 million dollar project is a ding in Edmonton’s pride that, believe it or not, hurts more than the $600,000 shiny silver ball sculpture.


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