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City stands up for Ukraine

Edmontonians demonstrate
for a free state and a fair deal
Johnson 21

Protestors chant during a human chain rally to support Ukraine against Russia’s invasion Sunday, Feb. 27.

Johnson 22

Members of the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton sing during the rally.

Johnson 23

A members of the chorus raises his arm while singing.

Johnson 20

Protestors sing along with members of the Ukrainian Male Chorus .

Johnson 15

Taras Podilsky, a member of the I Stand with Ukraine organizing committee, encourages protestors to chant with him.

Johnson 19

A protestor pushes a wheelchair with a small Ukrainian flag.

Johnson 17

A protestor holds onto a small Ukrainian flag.

Johnson 24

A protestor carries a sign during the human chain rally.

Johnson 14

Tyler Verbin paints a Ukrainian flag on a protester’s cheek.

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Photo feauture by Tim Johnson

AFTER WEEKS OF stalled diplomatic negotiations between the West and Russia, as well as warnings from the international intelligence community, Russia voted to recognize the separatist-held territories in the Donbas region as the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic.

This was followed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on state television announcing a “special military operation” against Ukraine to demilitarize the country and remove from power what the Russian government calls nationalists.

The invasion has left many Edmontonians of Ukrainian descent worried and outraged, and has brought people together to express their dismay.

On a cold and cloudy day, a small group of protesters came together in front of the SAMU building at MacEwan University, many covered in the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag.

As more protesters arrived, they greeted one another with hugs and engaged in friendly conversations before preparing themselves for a major rally along 109th Street

Stretching from MacEwan to the Legislature grounds, hundreds of protesters crowded the avenue with the blue-and-yellow as they chanted their support for Ukraine and their opposition to Putin.

The protest was among many held around the world over the weekend, as Ukrainian forces stubbornly held out against Russian forces.

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