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Holiday gift guide: Edmonton edition

By: Mehnaz Abdulrahman

The holidays are just around the corner, and with the pandemic this year, we may think that there is nothing to celebrate. But, the reality is that we have to start treating COVID-19 as the new normal, which is a word that has been passed around a lot this year. One way to practice what we are preaching is by celebrating the holidays, which is also known as “the most wonderful time of the year.” We have to remember to follow COVID-19 guidelines, but that does not stop us from celebrating.

Christmas has many aspects like eating delicious food and spending time with family and friends. But Christmas is super essential for store owners. Big corporations love Christmas for that reason because they make big bucks, but on the other hand, local stores don’t have the same scenario. Despite all of the challenges local places have faced, many shops were able to bounce back. And again, during this time of the holidays, Edmonton as a whole should consider purchasing from our local shops.

Fieldwork Co.

One of a kind leather and wax canvas store based out of Edmonton (Photo supplied by Fieldwork Co.)

Fieldwork Cois an Edmonton based leather and wax canvas company. Kristen Haines, the co-owner of Fieldwork Co, recommends their artist roll, Dopp and camera strap as their most popular items for gift options. 

Shop Chop

The go-to place for all of your quirky Christmas decor. (Photo supplied by Shop Chop.)

Shop Chop is a downtown-based gift shop. You can purchase decorations and trinkets there as well as gifts for Christmas. Shop Chop offers unique ornaments, small Christmas decor and festive candles to decorate your home with. There are a variety of gifts here as well, such as Alberta-based pins. There is jewellery, plants and even mugs all made by local artists.

The Come Up

One of the coolest vintage streetwear shops in Edmonton. (Photo supplied by The Come Up.)

The Come Up is a local vintage shop that sells streetwear from the 90s and 2000s. Something different about this local shop is they sell very rare clothing. Once it is gone, you won’t be able to get your hands on it making it an exceptional gift. Some cool gift options are their sneakers, jerseys and jackets. Jerseys are a great gift option for your sports-loving friends and family.

Parcel and Prose

A great example of how crafty people in Edmonton are (Photo supplied by Parcel and Prose).

Parcel and Prose is a local crafts shop that sells cards, stationery and gift wraps made by local artists. It is an excellent place to buy locally made gift wraps to wrap your Christmas presents. You can also purchase Christmas cards and stationery items like journals and planners to gift to your loved ones. Head to their store located at 10524 124 St as they do not have an online purchasing option. 

Bloom Bakes

Edmonton-based cake artist of Bloom Bakes YEG Tina Yeung specializes in specialty Bloom Cakes. Bloom cakes are explained to be “unique, customizable, proportioned cakes.” They have a flavour, filling and two focus colours, which are pre-cut with a cupcake in the middle making it look like a flower. She makes other desserts such as regular cakes and cupcakes and more. Desserts are always a great gift idea. Perfect to take for dinner and eat with your friends and family while supporting a local baker. DM her on Instagram to order some goodies.

If the holidays are your thing, the pandemic is not a reason not to be festive this season. Celebrate the holidays to the fullest and try to support local places in Edmonton while following all the COVID-19 guidelines.

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