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No more dry winters

By: Mehnaz Abdulrahman
Winter nighttime skincare routine

The winters are brutal in Canada, and in Edmonton, even worse. We get long winters that come early and leave late. The days may be short but they feel very long, and people don’t have time for anything, especially students.

Something that needs to be taken care of during the winter is our skin; skincare is more than just a trend. The skin is such a vital part of the human body. It makes up most of it so, it is crucial to take care of it, especially during the dry Edmonton winters.

Many people read about the right skincare products in magazines or watch their favourite influencer’s skincare routine. But significantly fewer people follow a proper skincare routine. This may be due to a lack of time or an inability to find the right products.

Lux Beauty Boutique is a locally-owned place for skincare, makeup, hair care and more. They have “hard to find” products for Edmontonians to purchase. Skincare Specialist Hala Marina from Lux Beauty Boutique gave personalized advice and suggested products for winter skincare that are both high-end and budget-friendly for students. 

Product Recommendations

It is crucial to have a skincare routine and products that you use daily. “As a general rule of thumb, a skincare routine should entail a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer – in that order. This may look different for everyone. Eye cream and face oil are great additions,” says Marina. 

Toner helps your skin with extra hydration (Photo supplied by Lux Beauty Boutique)

With the variety of products offered at Lux Beauty Boutique, Marina suggested a few budget-friendly options, that you can start with to create your winter skincare routine. With cleansers being the starting point of skincare, she suggests the Farmhouse Fresh 3 Milk Facewash as it “removes makeup and SPF while repairing the skin barrier,” says Marina.

Marina also mentions that cleansers mustn’t dry out your skin. She highly recommends the Indie Lee toner for the winter months as it replenishes the water levels.

This hydration lets the rest of your skincare products absorb into your skin you can escape the drying winter. “Serums target the bottom layers of the skin. They are most effective at targeting dehydration at the root and preventing it from occurring in the first place,” says Marina.

Marina also mentioned the importance of incorporating a facial oil for the winter months. She recommends using the Etymologie Miracle Moringa Oil, which is both a high-end and budget-friendly product.

“Anyone can add a drop of this to their moisturizer for added healing and skin barrier repair benefits,” says Marina. She says this is a great way to take an everyday cream to a winter one. Marina also mentions that this is the first step to “prevent water loss.”

Facial oils are a good add on to moisturizers in the winter (Photo supplied by Lux Beauty Boutique)

Some high-end products from Lux Beauty Boutique you can splurge on are Caudalie Vinosource Serum. Marina says it is an excellent serum for helping to prevent and target dehydration caused by winter.

 And of course, a no-brainer, the most critical part of a skincare routine is the moisturizer. A moisturizer that Marina recommended is Tata Harper Hyaluronic Gel-Cream. “[It] targets dehydration in the deeper levels of the skin and replenishes the skin’s water levels. It smells like a spa and is a very luxurious experience for your green beauty queen.”

“We do not want to forget about skincare for the lips; as they are one of the first places to notice dryness,” says Marina. No one likes having or seeing chapped lips. Patchology Lip Treatment is a high-end option that she recommended. 

Things to avoid for skincare in the winter

Marina does not suggest doing chemical exfoliants in the wintertime, as they can dry out the skin. Instead, she recommends a chemical exfoliant with a different delivery system, such as a cream, or a lower concentration product.

These suggestions can be a starting point for anyone looking to improve their skin. Although not every product maybe budget-friendly, there are many options out there. A good skincare routine can be done in less than 5 minutes, taking up a small amount of your time.  

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