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Halloween is not cancelled!

by Mehnaz Abdulrahman

Pumpkins ready to be carved into Jack O Lanterns. (Mehnaz Abdulrahman)

There are the orange leaves on the ground, the intense Autumn breeze rushing through the air, and that random black cat you see strolling around your neighbourhood. All of this comes right in time for the Halloween season. But one thing that’s changing this year is how we are celebrating Halloween. There is nothing to be glum over on Oct. 31. We can all still celebrate Halloween the same as usual but with extra caution this time. Halloween can usually be constrained for the children, but it is also a holiday for adults who forget their age and dress up for the night. Some people will decide to socially distance for the night and celebrate through video calls, while others will go to parties and safely celebrate. Edmonton is allowing both to occur.

Events in the Edmonton Area

There are still options open for those in Edmonton who like to be physically present at events. Bars and other places are hosting Halloween events, such as costume parties at some Canadian Brewhouse locations, where you can win money for your creative costumes. West Edmonton Mall Waterpark also has a Halloween event where they are performing tarot readings and other fun water activities. Despite these events happening, they will follow the COVID rules by only allowing a certain amount of people along with social distancing.

Tricks for the Trick or Treaters

While some Edmonton schools can’t even fathom having a Halloween celebration this year, MacEwan students take on a creative approach with the trick or treaters. Lucinia Iverson said, “We are planning on attaching a PVC pipe with zip ties to the railing, so we can shoot candy down to the trick or treaters.”

Another MacEwan student, Nicole Fraser, said, “We are setting up a table on the driveway so that the kids don’t need to bunch up at the door.”

Twilight the cat waiting for Halloween so he can rock his bat costume.

Karen Moar, mom of two, talks about her plans of staying in for Halloween night with her kids. She is planning to have an egg hunt instead of going trick or treating.

“My oldest daughter wants to bring the spooky back,” Moar says. She wants a traditional Halloween. “We’ll be decorating with fake body parts, tombstones, spider webs, fake bugs, and pictures of zombies.”

Moar mentions that she does not want any COVID-related costumes or décor. “I’m looking for costumes for my kids that incorporate a mask because they also have to wear those costumes to school.”

Taking a break from COVID-themed things does not stop Moar from keeping her family and the surrounding children safe.

Despite Moar and her kids not going trick or treating this year, they are still leaving out treats and goodies for the kids that do swing by. Moar talks about the Teal Pumpkin Project, an initiative designed for kids who have food allergies. Having a teal pumpkin on your porch represents that you have non-edible treats at your home. “I came across this because my daughter can’t have gluten,” Moar says. She recommends that people who are going out to trick or treat should disinfect their candy and maintain social distancing.

Things to do at home

There is an unlimited number of Halloween movies on Netflix. Whether it is a classic family Halloween movie like Hocus Pocus – or a spine-chilling horror movie if that’s more up your alley – you can spend the night at home watching a plethora of films with Halloween treats right by your side. If you love to bake, sharing some spooky goodies with your friends and family (or by yourself) is a delicious way to celebrate the holiday.

A selection of Halloween themed movies available on Netflix Canada.

Another idea to keep the festivities going is to decorate around your house with anything and everything Halloween related.

Although this Halloween will be inherently different from the other years, people will still be able to make the best of it. This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so everyone can enjoy a full weekend of Halloween themed fun, whether it is at home or at an event.



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